Dagaz is a digital strategy company that takes a high level approach to your online presence. Addressing site design, site optimization, paid advertising, analytics, brand imaging, social media management, and content creation Dagaz can provide a rounded and fully developed strategy.  We can then implement, audit and improve regularly.

Why We Do It

It is immensely satisfying for us to create and refine the digital version of your vision.  We are dedicated, focused, and driven to helping Small Businesses grow and thrive, engaging an audience and converting that audience into a consumer base.

Who We Have Worked With

Some of the people we have served in various ways including site design, social marketing management, content creation and SEO 

Why Work with Dagaz

Dagaz utilizes some of the most advanced tools available and put them to work on your behalf.  From content creation to Search analysis and keyword audits, we look at things from a high level and then drill down the data to produce both focused and broad results. Our content creation teams have had work featured in wide channels on both local and national levels.  And the content passes to your ownership entirely. Dagaz does not retain and use this to further financial gain after the initial work is done.  You can expect professional quality results, complete transparency and the highest quality service from Dagaz.

Dagaz takes a multi-prong approach to designing a website.  We analyze and discuss color palettes and fonts for your brand imaging, and the look of all content inserted.  While lots of fancy animation may look good, it could also slow down the site.  That leads to poor SEO and consumer experience.  That doesn't mean we don't have those elements.  It means we format them properly in order to have your site perform well, gaining both high search rankings, appealing visuals, and excellent user experience.  Planning and strategy before the beginning is key in order to design a site that is beautiful, engaging and optimized for both search performance and user experience.

You sure can.  There are lots of "build-a-site" platforms out there, and you can get it done inexpensively.  Sort of.

The truth is that most people spend a ton of time learning how to work those site builders and get their desired results.  Time that should be spent building your business.  And while you may teach yourself how to build a website, there are still some more lessons.  Like how to optimize that site to rank in search.  You could also find yourself struggling for content, such as images, video, text, and more.  With Dagaz, we have a team ready to get to know your company and its vision.  From there we build a strategy that includes all of these elements, or just the ones you need.

If you build a site but it doesn't show up in search, contact us to learn about our SEO services.  Or if you need some photography or brand imaging help, we can provide those individually as well.

The last thing to know about our website services is that we don't own them or force you into long term contracts.  If you want maintenance and webmaster services we will absolutely provide them, but our sites are designed to be handed over to you for long term.  You can make your own updates, insert blog posts, change images, and we will train your team how to do that at deployment / transition. Our service agreements last as long as you want them to, our relationship will last far longer as a result.

Dagaz stands behind its work.  Functionality support is high priority for us, and we want our clients working on their business.  Fixing sites, optimization and content is our job.  Short term agreements have our full support during and immediately following deployment.  Long Term Maintenance holders have full service technical support and update support.

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