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Why Should I Have A Website Audit Performed?

If you have noticed a drop in traffic or diminished results from your website efforts, it may be time for a website audit.  The fact is that when you are missing out on traffic, then you are missing out on sales.  Sales that your competitor is enjoying. If you only need a single reason to do a website audit, it would probably be to recapture the lost traffic that the market competitors are currently enjoying.

Website audits are a critical step in measuring and improving the efficiency of a website. Potential improvements as a result of this information can be search ranking, performance, technical updates, and more.  Ultimately the goal of a website audit is to drive improvements in a way that ensures a positive and meaningful experience for visitors. Take advantage of our free baseline reporting tool to get an idea of what lies on the surface.  For more in-depth analytics Contact Us.

website audit

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  1.  Benchmark your website performance and understand the competition
  2. Check for duplicate versions in Google
  3. Check the indexing of all website URLs
  4. Investigate any manual actions
  5. Evaluate the website load and impression speed
  6. Confirm use of HTTPS protocol
  7. Check for mobile responsiveness for phone and tablet
  8. Investigate and address and remaining indexing issues
  9. Analyze the sites "Page Experience" for visitors
  10. Analyze the on-page SEO
  11. Repair Broken Internal and External links
  12. Analyze Redirects and repair if appropriate
  13. Check for Toxic Backlinks
  14. Identify and fix issues with duplicate content
  15. Identify pages with low images or low word counts
  16. Resolve any issues with orphaned pages
  17. Comparison of website content to top ranked pages in SERP

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