About Us

Welcome to Dagaz

Dagaz is the last rune of the Nordic Alphabet. It means "breakthrough", "new beginnings" and "dawn of a new day".
We couldn't think of a more fitting place to start.

Who We Are

Dagaz is a focused and dedicated team of those who are passionate about creating and expanding your digital presence and success.

Our Mission

To enable businesses or organizations to be competitive and successful in the digital space using sharp tools, bright minds and burning desires,

What We Do

Using sophisticated tools, hard work and just the right amount of caffeine, we research your organizations areas of opportunity and help you reach beyond the current limitations.

"D" Isn't Just For DAGAZ

We Have a 6-D Approach to Your Project


Firstly, research is the foundation for all of our efforts. We study you, your competition, and the market to best identify strategies. As a result we identify the methods that will propel your organization forward.


Subsequently to research being complete, a strategy framework is built that establishes clear guidelines. Similarly, milestones and goals are plotted out.


From there we design the framework of the project. Site structures, keyword campaigns, PPC campaigns, Social Medial, Content, and more. We work with your brand image and prepare to share it with a much, much larger audience.


Next, content or elements are carefully crafted and reviewed with our clients. After edits are made and additional layers incorporated, we launch the assets.


After client approval, the project is released and set to run. Additionally, metrics are gauged immediately. Furthermore we set evaluation timelines to ensure smooth transition and operation of the project.


A great many of our projects are designed and then handed over to the client for them to manage from that point forward. Likewise we are happy to continue work or provide maintenance and support as well.


Chris Fink
Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us?

  • High Quality Designs

    Dagaz provides highly customized option structures, and we incorporate best practice SEO elements to allow your site to rank quickly.

  • Technical Support

    Our team is available to provide support quickly and provide high priority resolutions to issues.

  • Something to Prove

    We know enough of the dirty tricks to know that they only hurt your cause.  The right way is often the hard way, but we know how well it pays off in the long run.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

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