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Our Approach to Your Website

Our design experts will develop a highly structured and efficient responsive web design that focuses on Mobile First. We then create amazing content (including custom logo design and brand imaging options), optimize them for search and social, and so much more.

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    Understanding your brand and its message are the first steps. Our planning process ensures that keyword research, competitive strategies and more are studied by our expert team so they can be built in from the beginning. We seek to understand and support your digital marketing goals and craft professional designs with the goal of achieving and surpassing those goals..

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    We work with your existing or new branding and imaging to create a custom design that users will want to engage with. Developing an optimized structure, our design process will utilize a wide range of established methods to develop your online presence. Our professional designers will focus on structuring your design elements for online success, to outrank and outperform your competition by designing the process to be optimized content for search engines and search engine rankings.

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    Mobile-first creation is critical, and our professional website design services make sure that your site looks the way that users will love on any platform. A fast and flexible responsive web design helps ensure that your user experience is excellent.  These quality online experiences not only help your potential customers drive higher conversion rates, but they help with search ranking as well due to the core updates released in 2021.  

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    Social Media

    Our design experts know how to drive engagement via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and more.  We create or restructure a custom web design to funnel traffic to you from any source using our Social Media Management services. Our dedicated team of experts can help develop custom content with these practices in mind.

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    Dagaz will create a website design that will either develop or work with your existing e-commerce platforms.  They will allow your team to effectively manage the data flow and allow you to expand your sales. Let our team of designers turn your website visitors into customers with a sales funnel designed to increase your market share!

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    Review and Approval

    Let's look it all over together.  When approved, we manage site launch or migration.  Google Analytics and more are connected to measure.

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    SEO, SEM, PPC, Retargeting, and more.  We show you the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your site.

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    Collect Accolades

    Seriously.  We want everyone that even THINKS about what you have to be amazed.

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    Help & Support

    If anything goes wrong, our team will work tirelessly to correct any concerns and allow you to focus on your business.

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    Tell everyone who you partnered with. We promise not to forget!

Our Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

America is a mobile device culture, which comes as no surprise anymore. People spend hours on their smartphones every day, more than double the average laptop, pc, or tablet time. Ignoring mobile-friendly website design is extremely dangerous and can make a ton of the time and money spent by you far less valuable.

Dagaz uses Responsive Website Design. This is a technique that allows a website to flex and adapt to the size of the screen, and perform well on any device. Some websites look the exact same on a phone as a PC, and this can make text hard to read and pictures distorted. And as browsers and devices continue to expand, Responsive Design is something that cannot be discarded as a high-priority concern. We make sure your site looks and performs great using responsive website design so that you can reap the full rewards of the investment.

There are numerous factors that can lead to a poorly performing website. Many of them can come down to the structure of the code and how it relates to current web standards.

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are all components of most sites. But did you know that how well the javascript and CSS are coded can impact how fast the site loads? And did you know that site load speed is a heavy factor when it comes to SEO? Slow or technically poor-performing website designs often lose traction with search engines based on constantly updated factors and algorithms. Our design agency will include the most modern techniques of these elements in order to ensure that your site performs with excellence and allows that boost to your rankings as well.

Trends are often being updated or evolved when it comes to how people want to move through your site. And whether it's a drop-down menu or a mega menu, the pages still need to be organized in a fashion that allows for timely access. Did you know that Google places ranking factors based on how many clicks it takes to get to a page within your site? 

Our professional web design services team takes your site page and analyzes it to ensure that your website operates to the highest standards to provide a seamless user experience to ensure your site's long-term success.

Having outdated images, videos and text can be a downfall for many websites. Some information just becomes irrelevant, and sometimes it just doesn't look good to have a picture of the snowy landscape in July. Your digital presence should be congruent with your overall marketing efforts, and a professional web designer can help ensure that the design strategy includes fresh content from our team of graphic designers. View our Graphic Design Services page for more information on that.

Furthermore, your content can also be optimized to ensure higher ranking and traffic from search by properly configuring their attributes. Our development services can optimize your current content or update it with fresh, relevant images that follow the current trends and help your viewers relate.

Speed is important, and the fastest is the best when it comes to site load times. Viewers enjoy having the pages load quickly, on any device, and will often abandon pages that are too slow. This means that while they may have searched for and even found you, they don't actually see your message.

Users enjoy that speed so much, in fact, that Google and Bing will factor your website speed into their decision where to show you in search results.

Updating your website design with Dagaz will get you a fast, smooth user experience that your viewers will love, and search engines will display.

Outdated sites can make things difficult for the owner. Outdated design platforms that have huge, expensive software licenses for just that site make it impossible for the owner to go in and make a few small updates.

Dagaz uses all of the current content management systems. We then turn them over to you so that you can make these updates yourself quickly and easily. Just updating a photo, making a blog post or changing some wording should be, and will be, easy.

The rules regarding SEO change frequently, and sometimes a total re-vamp is just simply called for. Knowing all of the factors that go into SEO is important when designing a site so that it performs in search right away. We design the site with Technical SEO factors built in. 

These can include minified JavaScript and CSS, page link formats, page link follow vs no-follow, link to text ratios, sitemaps, robot.txt files, page redirects, broken links, resource formatting, outbound links and much more. We make sure that your sites technical functions perform above industry standards and allow you to rank higher, giving you the opportunity to crush the competition.

Social Media plays a huge role in online interactions.  We update your website or build it to include the profiles you want to have a presence on.  From there we can then look at how to create a two way flow that ultimately engages to viewer engagement and conversion.

We can create Instagram feeds, Facebook or Google review streams, Twitter posts and more. With our Social Media Management services we can create content and deploy it on a schedule so that you have even more time to focus on the business at hand while we drive traffic to you.

People are online at all times, not just when you are in the office.  An updated and efficient website allows those viewers to experience your vision on their schedule.  If you have E-commerce solutions, we want you to wake up with more sales made than last night. If you don't sell products online, we want those searchers to find your company and contact you so that you can follow up and move them through your sales pipeline.

We will create a custom website design that will engage and convert your audience into buyers.  We can help you literally grow your business while you sleep.

Having a beautiful website design is great, but knowing how it is performing is critical to growth. And as the saying goes, "You have to know where you have been before you know where you are going". We connect you to analytics that allows you to see how the site performs in the digital landscape as well as individual pages and posts. We can drill down data and help you focus on areas of opportunity and times changes and updates are needed.

Your Site Is Just One Part of the Puzzle

Dagaz provides a full spectrum of digital marketing service solutions. These include SEO,  SEM, Social Management, Content Creation, and more. Contact us to discuss how we can further help your small business.

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Our team is ready to get to work for you.  Let's talk about how we can help you accomplish your goals on your terms.

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