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A Comprehensive Approach to The Broad View Goals

Digital Success isn't easy but it is worth it. Research, Design, Implementation, Creation and Management are where we go to get your goals accomplished. We provide a full suite of digital marketing services that will support your business goals and help establish your online presence.  As a full service digital marketing agency, Dagaz will take your digital marketing efforts and digital strategy into a wide range of tactics to engage current customers, facilitate the customer journey and increase your conversion rate using a variety of digital marketing channels.

Maintain Current & Relevant Digital Strategies

Dagaz Digital

We help you take a good look at your business and identify the key points that make you stand apart from your competition. Above all, we invest the time in getting to know you. That means your history, your vision, your goals, and your methodology. One of the most important tasks for creating a successful strategy to share your business is to establish clarity of your brand. Therefore, your brand imaging will tell people who you really are and what you stand for.

Firstly, we will develop a highly structured and efficient website design that focuses on Mobile First. From there we will create amazing content, optimize them for search and social. This is one of our cornerstone digital marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization Services are the foundation that Dagaz was built on. That's because Search Engine Optimization is a key element in getting your awesome and shiny site in front of the right audience. Organic traffic is a core fundamental of our digital marketing solution suite, so we use a wide range of assets and content creation tools to develop content for SEO that will increase that long term organic traffic.  As a mainstay of our online marketing services, industry experience shows that having a wide range of properly optimized content is critical to have in any digital marketing assets library.  Our digital marketing services team will work with you to design a digital marketing strategy that will attract potential customers and increase conversions.  With our digital marketing experts working on your site, you can expect to watch your website climb in rankings!

Search Engine Marketing is different from SEO in that they are paid campaigns, using "Pay Per Click" or other price structures. At Dagaz, online marketing services such as Google Ads management are a key component to digital marketing planning and strategy.

While generally more expensive than SEO, SEM Services such as Google Ads provide almost immediate results. Therefore, the two should be used in conjunction with each other.

Online interactions are constantly changing and evolving. And trust us that staying on top of all the algorithm and feature changes can be a full-time job in and of itself. Take advantage of our comprehensive social media marketing services. We will get your digital channels to direct your message to the right people in the right way while allowing you to go about your business.  Digital marketing experts will utilize your social media platforms to create relationships with your prospective customers.  We provide content marketing solutions that incorporate into your social media marketing efforts that will increase customer engagement, customer loyalty and improve your client retention rate.

Graphic Design services are critical in shaping the relationship with your audience when creating or managing a digital marketing campaign. For example, developing images that are relatable and relevant to the content help the viewers form emotional bonds with the concepts behind them. As a result, it will drive engagement and conversion with your digital advertising tactics and will allow an effective marketing strategy to shine in both online marketing and traditional marketing channels.

A thoughtful and strategic photography service is crucial in shaping the relationship with your audience.  Having the right images in front of your audience can shape engagement in multiple channels such as social and the web. Having our digital marketing professionals working with our photography team will enhance your content marketing and social media marketing efforts.  These assets can be used to improve search engine optimization, digital marketing as well as traditional marketing efforts, increase the effectiveness of Google Ads, and even more.  Putting these professionally taken and edited photos into your marketing mix will allow your digital marketing capability to grow, and your traditional marketing channels to operate with congruency.  Our photography service can be also used for special Social or Brand Awareness events and functions.

Video production is an important part of sharing your message. Certainly, it can play a critical role in growing your target audience and attracting new traffic to your site. When working with digital marketing companies, it is important to build a relationship with a team versed in more than one type of marketing.  While Dagaz will have a digital advertising expert assigned to you, we are a full-service marketing agency.  We therefore will utilize video as part of an advertising strategy when appropriate to create an increase in traffic and an increase in conversions. We have learned from our client testimonials and our client relationship experience that content creation such as video can have a profound impact on your online visibility efforts.

Having a high-performance site means approaching from multiple perspectives. As a digital marketing specialist, Dagaz will help improve your online visibility with tools such as Google Adwords.  We will give you all the information to continue making informed decisions on your digital marketing solution with Google Analytics, Google My Business, and other ways to measure search query intent, what online channels are performing and advanced analytics that show the value of the results compared to the advertising costs incurred. With Dagaz digital marketing services, we get you comprehensive reports and work with you to develop a solution strategy that will measure and improve customer engagement.

As a fully rounded digital marketing agency, Dagaz can design effective email campaigns that integrate with your campaign strategy.  Properly done and managed correctly, email marketing is still performing well for our clients and can also support a PPC campaign. Dagaz can create email campaigns that work in tandem with Google ads to follow up and chase conversions automatically.

So many companies lock you into long-term contracts. In the same vein, they redact their efforts if you discontinue them. That's not what Dagaz is all about. Certainly, we can manage your ongoing efforts. However, we are also happy to provide web training for our clients and staff on how to manage many of these operations within your own business.

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