Analytics and Reporting

We provide you with website / search analytics reports you need to make the right decisions.

Website / Search Analytics and Benchmarking

Having a high performance site means approaching from multiple perspectives.  We get you comprehensive analytics and information.  And from there we work with you to develop a solution strategy.

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    Full Site Health Audit

This isn't your usual audit.  This is a high-level and custom SEO Audit. Specifically, it researches and discovers factors that are holding your site back. To clarify, it prevents your site from achieving higher search rankings and traffic.  Consequently, this report will include both Technical SEO and Content SEO analysis.  Additionally, it will cover on-page, off-page, hosting/server issues, mobile responsiveness, competitor performance, keyword rankings, and more. Furthermore, our search analytics reports will allow you to drive towards conversions.

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    Expert Analysis

Getting a huge, long analytics report with a lot of information that is buried in technical jargon probably isn't your idea of a good day.  In other words, it usually frustrates people more than it helps.  So we dig into that data for you. It's our job to analyze some key points to address in both initial and ongoing strategies. Additionally, we look into images, text content, and other strategies to push your website up in rankings. You will find our website and search analytics process extremely comprehensive. Moreover, it focuses on making big gains quickly. We then share it with you in plain English and collaborate together to develop plans for the next stage of growth.

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    Follow Up Reports

Measuring and tracking progress is the only way to know if the process yielded positive results.  Should you choose to work with us for the actual improvements, you will be involved along the way and updated frequently.  And if you make self-improvements to your site, we will provide 2 follow-up website analytics reports. Specifically, the first at 90 days after and the second at 180 days after.

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    Support Through Implementation

When you choose Dagaz to implement your Digital Marketing strategy, we stay in communication regularly. In other words, we are there to support any concerns that you may encounter.  As a result, we enjoy outstanding satisfaction and retention rates due to our commitment to client satisfaction. Most importantly, we challenge ourselves daily to exceed the expectations that you set for us.

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Our team is ready to get to work for you.  Let's talk about how we can help you accomplish your goals on your terms.

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